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Renewable Solar and Wind Power - Clean, Economic, Abundant


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Welcome to the future of clean, renewable energy, made available to you today by New Mexico Solar and Wind.  Anywhere the sun shines or the wind blows, there is potential for harnessing clean, economic, abundant power.  The state of New Mexico, due its abundance of sunshine and wind, is ranked 2nd in the nation for solar energy potential, and 12th in the nation for wind power potential.  Some of the many benefits of renewable energy are:


bullet Lower your monthly electric bill.  Because there are no fuel costs, using power from the sun or wind will significantly lower your electricity costs.  Infinergy has programs to provide financing or leasing the systems with no up-front cost.  Click here for details.
bullet Lock in the cost of electricity.  You can avoid the rising costs of electric power from utility companies (which is rising by 3%-7% or more every year).
bullet Obtain tax credits and rebates.  Tax credits and rebates on solar and wind power systems are available to home owners and businesses from the federal government, state government, and local utility companies.
bullet Sell power and/or REC's to the utility company.  You can sell your excess power and/or RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) to the local utility company.
bullet Generate clean power.  Power generated from the sun or wind produces no pollution or emissions.
bullet Low maintenance.  Solar panels have no moving parts, carry a 25-year warranty, and are very low maintenance.


Harvest the Sun

Cut your electricity bill by 20% or more !!!


There has never been a better time to make the move to renewable energy.  Our experts can help you take full advantage of the generous solar energy tax credits, grants, rebates and other economic incentives now offered by the federal government, the State of New Mexico, and state and local utility companies for installation of renewable energy systems.  New Mexico Solar and Wind sells, designs, installs and maintains renewable energy solar systems and wind turbines in New Mexico for agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, military, municipal, residential and many other applications.  New Mexico Solar and Wind is also offering for a limited time, a unique, exclusive "Harvest the Sun" program in New Mexico, which can provide immediate positive cash flow and long-term financial and environmental benefits.  This new program provides you with the opportunity to have on-site solar power available to you with no up-front cost and immediate, predetermined, fixed savings off of your current electric utility rates, with an option to achieve up to 100% savings!  Click here to receive information by email or contact your Infinergy solar expert for more details today.  Every day you wait, you spend more on electricity than you should!


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