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For those of you who would like to see what goes into installing a larger PV array on a commercial building, we will be following the New Mexico Solar and Wind installation crew as they install a 100 kW system at Elite Fitness Center in Roswell, NM.


Street view of building front


Back of building


Delivering load of racking to site


Lifting racking to roof


Ralph and Azzi snap a line


Azzi placing pilot hole


Ralph applying sealer



Azzi and Josh installing base rails


Base rail installed


Module rails prepared for installation


Crew completing west roof base array rails


South view of completed west roof base array


Mid-view of completed west roof base array


Completed west roof array NE to SW


Completed west roof array NW to SE


Completed west roof array SE to NW


Completed west roof array - end of day

"The Crew" after a long, hot day
Carlos, Ralph, Josh and Azzi


Wiring complete on west side racking

Crew working on east side racking - It was 111° F today....Hot !!


East side racking


East side racking.....only 104° F today.


East and west Side racking complete - it threatened to rain all afternoon


East and west side racking complete - array string wiring started




Bringing Aide Solar modules to the site from our warehouse

34' Genie Lift


Genie Lift In Action


Lifting modules to roof


First row of modules installed - Array 8


Modules laid out for installation


Laying out modules for Array 7


Installing modules


Mounting modules on east roof


Big hats are a must on 100+ degree days


Array 7 Complete


Array 6 Complete


East roof - Arrays 5-8 complete


East roof Arrays complete


Walkway between Arrays 7 and 8


SW to NE view of East roof


.....on to the West roof


Working on west roof, Array 2


Working on Array 3


Array 2 Completed

Working on Array 3 and 4   Array 3 complete

All east side arrays 1-4 complete   All roof arrays complete - total of 528 modules installed


Combiner Boxes Installed - South to North View


North to South View


Turning corner to main junction box


Main junction box and conduit to Inverter


Main Junction Box between Arrays and Inverter


Arrays, combiner boxes and conduit from South


Arrays, combiner boxes and conduit from North


Arrays, combiner boxes and conduit from North


Conduit and Main Solar Junction Box


East Arrays from North




Electrician wiring solar meter panel


Electrician wiring inverter


Completed inverter installation


Completed inverter installation


East arrays from roof peak


West arrays from roof peak


West Arrays from south roof peak


East Arrays from SE corner


West Arrays from South roof peak


East Arrays from South roof peak


West Arrays

East Arrays


Electrical Inspection Passed


Installing combiner box fuses


Xcel connection to facility


Wiring fused DC disconnect to Xcel CT box


Making final connections to Xcel Energy


Final Xcel connections completed


AC power fused disconnect wired


Production meter box prepared for meter installation


Re-connecting power to Elite Fitness Facility


Installing Solar System Production Meter


Steve Gonzales of Xcel Energy


Installing Xcel revenue meter


Checking DC power input


System completed


.....end of day and another quality New Mexico Solar and Wind project completed.


If you have enjoyed seeing how a roof-mounted solar system is installed and are interested in learning more about how solar power can save
 you money and help the environment, send us an email or give us a call.  We will be pleased to visit your site and do an analysis for you.


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