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New Mexico Solar and Wind Power Systems Installation



There is more to installing a solar or wind energy system than attaching a few solar panels to your roof or erecting a wind turbine tower.  At best, done incorrectly, a solar or wind installation almost certainly will not perform to its maximum potential; at worst, it can represent a genuine danger to your home or building's electrical system, a potential fire risk, or an electrocution hazard to anyone working on or around it.  There are several disciplines that should be performed by experienced personnel such as system design, structural engineering, electrical systems installation and best-practice building and construction procedures.  Further, it is extremely important that everything be done to comply with local, state and federal codes, and utility company requirements in order to obtain authorization to operate the system once it is installed.  However, getting the job done right does not have to be a hit-or-miss proposition.....New Mexico Solar and Wind's installation management teams are experienced, NABCEP-certified solar and wind energy installation professionals.


There has never been a better time to "go green". Our experts can help you take full advantage of the generous economic incentives and rebates now being offered by the federal and state government and local utility companies for installation of solar and wind power systems. Solar and wind solutions designed and installed by Infinergy Wind and Solar can have immediate positive cash flow.  With just a phone call, you can have one of our experts come to your location and gather the information needed to provide you with a detailed description of your present energy use, solar and/or wind energy potential, solar and/or wind energy system costs, financing options and turn-key installation.  Once you and your New Mexico Solar and Wind representative have decided on the type and size system best suited for your application, you can rest easy while New Mexico Solar and Wind's installers provide you with the best installation available to maximize your system's safety and performance.  Click here to request more information today.


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