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SMA Solar Technology


SMA, Sunny Boy, Inverters

Grid-Tied Inverters


SMA Inverters – The Heart of Every Solar Power System


Harness the energy of the sun – with a solar inverter from SMA. Inverters convert the direct current electricity generated by solar panels info grid-compatible alternating current. They are the heart of every solar power system.

As the global leader in solar inverters, SMA is continually on the cutting-edge: industry-leading efficiencies of 98% and superior German engineering ensure reliable and carefree operation.


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For small and mid-range systems


The Sunny Boy solar inverters are optimally suitable for use in small and mid-range systems. They impress with first class efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability.  The Sunny Boys have been repeatedly acclaimed - and are constantly developing. The new Generation Sunny Boy Inverters come with innovative technologies such as OptiTrac and H5-Topology. These make the devices even more efficient - and therefore ensure a very good solar yield.


       SUNNY BOY 700U
         575-875 watts

SUNNY BOY 2000HFUS / 2500HFUS / 3000HFUS
2000-3000 watts

SUNNY BOY 3000US / 4000US
3000-4000 watts


SUNNY BOY 5000US / 6000US / 7000US / 8000US
5000-8000 watts


30 kW - expandable to 1,000+ kW


A string and central inverter in one: The Sunny Tower guarantees first-class efficiency and a simple installation. Suitable for commercial systems from 30 kW to the Megawatt range.



100-500 kW and up in multiples

First choice for solar power stations: The Sunny Central offers a simple installation, efficiencies over 98% and the reliability that lets you stand behind your work with confidence. Suitable for systems over 100 kW.


Combination DC Disconnect and PV Array Combiner Box



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